Welcome to the ABC Martial Education System

This system is the result of over 10 years of teaching and development in primary schools across the Bradford, Keighley, Bingley and Pendle districts. The ABC Martial Education System is comprised of the following 3 bespoke training courses designed to be taught in both PE and PHSE lessons

Anti-bullying atTaekwondo School of Excellence

This course is specifically designed to equip children with life skills and confidence needed when dealing with day-to-day bullying. Whilst school policies coupled with school and parental support help tackle bullying, it's the child that is left to deal with the situation in the best way they know... CLICK TO READ MORE

Body Image a Taekwondo School of Excellence

A 12 year old girl dreading school each day, refusing to put her hand up in class so she doesn’t draw any attention to how she looks. A teenage boy risking liver and kidney damage abusing steroids to boost his pecs and abs. A middle-aged man feeling shocked and dismayed when his 6-year-old daughter asks “Daddy, do I look fat?” Body image pressure in our society has got out of hand... CLICK TO READ MORE 

Conflict Skills at Taekwondo School of Excellence

Martial Arts training is the only activity perfectly positioned to integrate character education, as martial arts simply serves as a vehicle to instil values and skills that children can put to use outside of the martial arts school. Skills like: Self-Confidence, Self-Control, Positive Thinking, Listening Skills, Respect... CLICK TO READ MORE