Macho Dyna - The #1 Original and Best Selling Dipped Foam Martial Arts Sparring Equipment Range. Available in Europe since 1991.

This Point Sparring Bundle includes the Closed Finger version of the Macho Dyna Punch.

Lightweight to wear, durable and easy to wipe clean – 10 different sizes available for the perfect fit for your taekwondo, karate and kickboxing point sparring.
The kit includes:

Macho Dyna Head Guard
Macho Dyna Shin Guards
Macho Dyna Punch with Closed Finger
Macho Dyna Kick
Bytomic Drawstring Bag

These Martial Arts Sparring Kits are available at a discounted price, in comparison to purchasing all items separately.

Please note: Dyna Closed Finger Punch is only available in sizes: Child, Small, Medium, Large

When selecting kit sizes the following rules for glove sizing will be applied automatically

Kit Size Selected | Glove Size Included

Kit Size Selected Glove Size Included
CHXS Child
CHS Child
CHM Child
CHL Child
Small Small
Medium Medium
Large Large
XL Large
XXL Large

Macho Dyna Closed Finger Combat Kit


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