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Champions for Life Programme


At Phil's Taekwondo School of Excellence we don't just teach students to punch and kick! Taekwondo is one of the few Martial Arts perfectly positioned as a vehicle to instil life skills such as respect, courtesy and concentration etc. This fantastic programme is designed to get the very best out of your child at home, school & during their Taekwondo journey towards black belt and beyond.

It will encourage them to develop their life skills, reflect on their actions & create positive habits, all in support of their personal growth & future success.


Every child will be given a worksheet to complete. There are 12 life skills incorporated within this programme. Every 2 months the next skill is launched. Students complete the worksheets over 4 weeks as it takes 21 days of repetition to form a habit, and we want them to gain each skill for life.

Students are then required to demonstrate their development of the skill and seek feedback from home and school. Completed worksheets are to be handed in to the Instructor and once their effort and achievement has been verified, your child will receive a certificate of completion.



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