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Anti-Bullying Week

The 12th-16th November 2018 is Anti-Bullying Week.

❗ Did you know...?

Almost half of children have worried about returning to class after the school holidays because of bullying, research has found.

❓ What can you do as a parent to help?

Many children won't talk to their parents to let them know what is happening.

They will go through many mixed emotions, fear, worry, anger, embarrassment, even denial and often, they do this ALONE ☹

Anti-Bullying Week poster
Anti-Bullying Week

❗ Some of the things you could do are: -

✔ Make a conscious effort to build up their Self-esteem. Praise them often, help them feel secure and tell them they are loved.

✔ Try and get them to talk daily about general things that have happened in their day at school which may make it easier for them to open up to you.

✔ Prepare them with self-defence skills which will massively boost their confidence


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