The Power of Me - Anti-Bullying Course



This course is specifically designed to equip children with life skills and confidence needed when dealing with day-to-day bullying. Whilst school policies coupled with school and parental support help tackle bullying, it’s the child that is left to deal with the situation in the best way they know.


The Power of Me - Anti-Bullying Course, teaches children about the wider issues associated with bullying and by doing so, gives them an increased level of confidence when faced with a difficult situation. 

Parental Involvement


The interaction with the children’s parents ensures that learning from the sessions continues throughout the week, allowing the children involved to begin to embed and apply what they learn. Due to the success associated with such involvement, it is important to invite the parents to attend at least two sessions with their child.


Course Content


  • Understanding bullying & working with teachers

  • Finding your confidence

  • Building emotional resilience

  • Find your inner power

  • Effective communication skills

  • The use of empathy

  • Attitude and behaviour cycles

  • Self awareness

  • Dynamic risk assessment

  • Recognising conflict

  • Basic self defence

Anti-bulling t Taekwondo School of Excellence
Anti-bullying at Taekwondo School of Excellence
Anti-bullying at Taekwondo School of Excellence

Course Timeline


Consists of 6 x 1 hour lessons run over a 6 week period. Followed by an optional lesson delivered in their first month at secondary school to summarise the full course and help with the transition to their new environment.  

Anti-bullying at Taekwondo School of Excellence

Course Breakdown:

Anti-bullyig course outline at Taekwondo School of Excellence

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