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What is Tae Kwon-Do?


It is an ancient form of unarmed combat practiced for many centuries in the Orient. Tae Kwon-Do became perfected in its present form in South Korea.


Translated from Korean, “Tae” literally means to jump or kick with the foot. “Kwon” means a fist, chiefly to punch or strike with the hand or fist. “Do” means art, way or method. Tae Kwon-Do indicates the technique of unarmed combat for self-defence, involving the skilled application of punches, kicks, blocks, dodges and interception with the hands, arms and feet.




Who Are We?

Currently a collection of 5 Tae Kwon-Do Schools located in Bingley, Barnoldswick, Ben Rhydding, Addingham & Guiseley. Established and founded in 2008 by Philip Millington-Downing with currently over 120 active students. Our syllabus has consistently produced successful individuals, many of whom enjoy competing at local and national level.


Our clubs are affiliated to the Great Britain Taekwondo Federation (G.B.T.F). The G.B.T.F is a fully accredited Taekwondo Association of Great Britain. Our style is to ensure that instructors and pupils get the absolute maximum from our ancient and prestigious sport, mixing enjoyment with self discipline, teaching self defence and at the same time educating people to be better human beings.

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Benefits of Tae Kwon-Do

Self-defence at Taekwondo School of Excellence
Discipline at Taekwondo School of Excellence



A child will learn the importance of discipline and respect for others and oneself. They will learn how to respect the rules of the Dojang (training room) - such as no swearing, spitting or teasing. They must bow in and out of the room as you start and finish training. All the learning is made fun and memorable: you will see more aggression and injuries in premier league football match then a Tae Kwon Do class. The child will learn how to calm a situation down and how to avoid trouble.

Self Defence


Tae Kwon Do is taught purely as a defensive martial art. It teaches the value of only using the skills learnt to save and protect one's life and those of others, and not to start fights or to use it inappropriately in
school play grounds. Unfortunately, in this day and age there are too many child abductions and any skill like Tae Kwon Do that can help to save a child’s life must be taken seriously.

A child will learn how to defend themselves from different potential attacks such as punches, grabs and strangles as well as defence against weapons.





Physical Finess at Taekwondo School of Excellence


Help Encourage Physical Fitness


Unfortunately, the rate of childhood obesity is climbing dramatically more and more. Children are spending a lot more time playing video games, watching television and being in front of a computer. One study has found that 9 percent of boys and 13 percent of girls in England are overweight, and the figures are rising. The most significant health risk related to childhood obesity is that it can persist into adulthood: obese teenagers are 10-15 times more likely to become obese adults. There are many health risks associated with being obese in adulthood including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis and other serious illnesses. Tae Kwon Do can help improve cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, balance, strength and overall energy levels. 

Overcome bullying at Taekwondo School of Excellence

Overcome Bullying


Learning to be more confident and have more courage to overcome come bullying issues is another major benefit of Tae Kwon Do. The child learns how to become less of a victim and how to calm the situation as well as inform an adult or teacher about the incident. The child will be taught self defence movements but must first learn to handle conflict. The child will learn personal responsibility, avoidance and respect for others as well as their own power. There level of self esteem and confidence will also increase.

Life Skills at Taekwondo School of Excellence

Life Skills


Tae Kwon Do helps children to interact with others and to take responsibility. They will be asked to help and teach others. Tae Kwon Do can enhance their communication skills. They become more engaged and focussed on goal setting since they have to learn to pass regular gradings and attend national competitions. Some children can be labelled “hyperactive” by some; however Tae Kwon Do allows them to use their abundant energy. It will help them to have many skills that will help them in later life as well as improve in school activities. The child will also learn Tae Kwon Do in its original Korean language. This learning process can help with languages in school, as well as other subjects

The 5 Tenets of Tae Kwon-Do



Courtesy at Taekwondo School of Excellence

To have respect and consideration for others. 



Integrity at Taekwondo School of Excellence

To have moral strength and an understanding of the difference between right and wrong

Perseverance at Taekwondo School of Excellence

To steadfastly aim to achieve your goals





Indomitable Spirit at Taekwondo School of Excellence

To be fearless of spirit, and do your utmost to succeed



Self Control atTaekwondo School of Excellence

To be disciplined and controlled in your actions